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Textured Art Painting

Textured Art Painting

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In this fun and engaging painting class, you will learn all about textured art! Get ready to dive into the wonderful world of painting and create your very own masterpiece to take home. We'll guide you step-by-step through the process, so you don't need any prior experience.

Don't worry if you're feeling a bit nervous or unsure. Our friendly and supportive instructors are here to make sure you feel comfortable and confident throughout the workshop.

During the class, you'll get to explore various techniques and materials to add texture to your artwork. 

Expect to have a blast as you let your creativity flow and watch your artwork come to life. This hands-on activity is not only a wonderful way to relax and unwind, but it's also a chance to tap into your inner artist.

By the end of the workshop, you'll have a unique textured artwork that reflects your personal style and creativity. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to learn new skills and create something truly special.

Suitable for adults and children 10 and up.

Complimentary tea, coffee and soft drinks included.

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